A real good feelgood band

Old time acoustic Americana that's fun, earthy and unique


Let the good times roll. Our music is uptempo and joyful.


Traditional sounds make a great vibe for your event. We play bluegrass, old time and early blues.


Greens and bands should both be fresh. We incorporate ragtime, merry-go-round tunes, and a little brass.

Great for barbecues, events, weddings and more

We can deliver great shows to fit all kinds of people. We can play just instrumentals, we can do sweet tunes for romance, we can dig down into the rhythm for dancers.


We offer multiple pricing plans to go with your budget.


The most economical route to live music
  • Dobro Acoustic Guitar
  • Vocals
  • Mandolin


A rhythm section, beefy solos, and a front man
  • Vocals/mandolin/guitar
  • Acoustic guitar/trumpet
  • Standup bass


Fill out the mix, emphasize the bluegrass flavor, maybe lay low on the New Orleans influence
  • Fiddle
  • Vocals/mandolin/guitar
  • Acoustic guitar/trumpet
  • Standup bass

Go fiddle

We're happy to put the trumpet away and play up the fiddle, because sometimes that's just the right thing.

Request Fiddle

Meet the band

We are professional players who can make it romantic or funny or just turn up the heat at the right moment.

Lucas Gonze

Mandolin, voice, guitar

Paul McCue

Guitar and trumpet

Ryan Lim

Standup Bass

Cal Keeaola