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bookstore gig

I’ll play at Diesel bookstore in Oakland on Friday night, April 12. Start time 7pm, set length 60 minutes, maybe 90 if I feel long winded.

5433 College Ave Oakland, California 94618-1502. A short walk from Rockridge BART.

My plan is to do more moodier, quieter, smarter pieces. Lots of instrumentals. Notes flying willy nilly. This is a solo show, I think. Unless I change my mind.

Diesel has a nice feel to it. I love bookstores.

Jan 17 show

The show I’m doing on Jan 17 is just solo Me in a quiet room with no distractions for 1 1/2 hours. I’m looking forward to doing the many thoughtful tunes I never get to play because they’re not right for happy-go-lucky drinkers.


a “where are they now?” moment in my career

I played the liquor aisle at the supermarket this weekend. No lie.

Lucas Gonze playing music at the supermarket

Lucas Gonze playing music at the supermarket, photo by T. Jay Fowler

There are artistes who would be repulsed by this situation, but I am not one. It was not a bad gig at all, I swear. I played hard, and a couple friends actually stopped by to watch. It was fun to see them lurking in the aisle – supermarkets aren’t made for gawking.

I gave this little rap: “There are those who say Napster didn’t hurt the rock stars. But don’t believe them. Who am I? Why, I used to be known as… BARBRA STREISAND.”

Thursday night coffee gig / July 22, 2010

Thursday night (July 22, 2010) from about 7 to about 8:30 I’ll be playing at Caffe Trieste in downtown San Francisco. I’ll do a solo set and a set with the trumpeter Paul Mccue.

I’ll do the solo set as 100% instrumentals. The creative concept is to focus obsessively on the ultra-narrow niche of music that is solo and acoustic and instrumental and lowbrow and victorian and american.

The set with Paul will be 20s-30s proto-country and early blues. Fun.

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Caffe Trieste
Downtown - Civic Center
1667 Market St, at Gough
San Francisco, CA
Mon-Thurs 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Fri 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Sat & Sun 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Tel: 415-551-1000
Fax: 415-551-1030

Mural in this Caffe Trieste:

Sunday coffee gig / July 18, 2010

On Sunday morning (July 18, 2010) at 11am I’ll be playing solo at a little coffee place called Nomad Cafe. It’s on Shattuck in Oakland, a block or so from the Berkeley line.

This is the second time I’ve played there. It’s a really relaxed and pleasant thing to do — have a latte, read the Sunday paper, play a bit in this nice sunny space.

6500 Shattuck Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 595-5344
Subway: Ashby BART

amazing feat of no-PRO performance 3/15

NPR story on ASCAP/BMI:

The owner of the Bazaar Cafe has put a large sign on the wall, easily seen from the audience as the musicians perform. It reads, “ASCAP and BMI want my dough. If you play covers, out you go.”

But not me! I’ll be playing a set of 100% covers there on Monday night at 7pm, and Les is fine with it because all the sources are firmly in the public domain.