Monthly Archives: February 2013

Homestyle Mandolin MP3

A couple years ago I posted a set of 11 short mandolin improvisations titled “homestyle mandolin sample pack
They were targeted at remixers and video makers, not plain old listeners, so I put them in AIFF format, which is unfriendly for ordinary listening.

Since then one of the 11, #17, has become far and away the most popular. It has 1551 plays on Freesound, more than double the next most popular and about 15X more than the other nine. It has been used in about five videos; none of the others have been used AFAIK. It clearly deserves to be an MP3 for ordinary listening and to be accessible apart from the pack.

This one is the only one that in the future won’t have a number. It’s new name is simply “Homestyle Mandolin.”


Lucas Gonze – Homestyle Mandolin (0:35 MP3)