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legible sheet music for Pompey Ran Away

When I previously blogged the old old sheet music for “Pompey Ran Away”, I used a scan that only an insane person would try to read:

To make restitution I dug up a better source and clipped out the image for myself and am herein sharing a version that will not cause you to go blind:

Pompey Ran Away music notation

I found it on page 57 of a PDF at imslp of Volume 1 of James Aird’s 1782 music book “A SELECTION of Scotch, Englith, Irith, and Foreign AIRS Adapted to the FIFE, VIOLIN, or GERMAN-FLUTE”

Some funny song titles from that book:

  • Bung Your Eye
  • Carlen Is Your Daughter Ready
  • The Widow’s Rant
  • Had the Lafs till I win at her
  • My Wife’s a Wanton Wee Thing
  • For a’that and a’that
  • My Mother’s aye Glowring o’er me

And my favorite:

  • I’ll Touzle Your Kurchy