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Billy Goat stomp sample pack

sample pack zip file

Here are a bunch of stems I sliced out of Jelly Roll Morton’s recording of his composition “Billy Goat Stomp.” I assume that it was his “Red Hot Peppers” band recorded in Chicago in 1926 or 1927.

These sounds have great vintage flavor which I hope will inspire you to do killer techno mixes. They’re in a minor key. The mood is fun and morbid, very Halloween. The band is tight. The recording sounds awesome. They’re nicely isolated because the original had a lot of breakdowns. I especially recommend the snare and hi-hat sounds and the two vocal bits.

These sample files are in MP3 format for easy browsing. Snarf the full .zip file for the WAVs. To get play buttons next to each sample go to this version of this post.

  1. band
  2. band 2
  3. band 3
  4. vocal bleeting
  5. vocal “man take that goat out of here”
  6. clarinet
  7. cornet 1
  8. cornet 2
  9. guitar 1
  10. guitar 2
  11. guitar 3
  12. hi hat 1
  13. hi hat 2
  14. hi hat 3
  15. horn kicks 1
  16. horn kicks 2
  17. snare 1
  18. snare 3

Any copyright that I, Lucas Gonze, have on these samples I hereby grant to the public domain, though I sure would appreciate a link back to this page if you use them.