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Ryan Lim, Paul McCue and I (aka The Joy Drops) played at a street fair called Urban Air Market a few weeks ago. It was a sunny weekend afternoon with plenty of foot traffic. One of the strollers, a fellow named K. Yun, took some photos, and the other other day he mailed these to me.

I like one-letter names.



We’re playing Revolution Cafe in the mission tonight.

Joy Drops party photos

The Joy Drops played a rockin party last night. At first I was worried that our good time music wasn’t emotionally distant enough for SF, but that was needless. We even got a big crowd of ladies up to do karaoke on “I want to be loved by you,” the Marilyn Monroe tune. They were fun, out of tune, loud, perfect in every way.

Thanks to the hostess Natalie Zahr for having us.

Noah Maffit and Paul McCue performing with The Joy Drops

Noah Maffit and Paul McCue performing with The Joy Drops

view from the stage at a party the Joy Drops played

view from the stage at Natalie’s party

gig shots

2 out of 3 Joy Drops played Art Ark Gallery in San Jose last night. Good people watching – the women seemed to be competing for most outrageous shoes.

Tomorrow we’re playing by the pool in a park in San Rafael. I love summer gigging.