Monthly Archives: March 2010

amazing feat of no-PRO performance 3/15

NPR story on ASCAP/BMI:

The owner of the Bazaar Cafe has put a large sign on the wall, easily seen from the audience as the musicians perform. It reads, “ASCAP and BMI want my dough. If you play covers, out you go.”

But not me! I’ll be playing a set of 100% covers there on Monday night at 7pm, and Les is fine with it because all the sources are firmly in the public domain.

Horace Weston’s Electronic Jig

I know this is obsessive, given that I’ve already done five, but I have two new versions of Horace Weston’s Old Time Jig, this time dated March 3, 2010. I thought I was done with this tune but I happened to play it at a slower tempo that was just right and magic happened.

The first of the two new versions is a straight acoustic recording from the mic on my laptop. The second is the same recording with an effect that gives it a electronic feeling. After all these straight acoustic recordings, it’s interesting to hear it with heavy processing.

The untreated naturalistical acoustic version:

The unholy electronista version aka Horace Weston’s Electronic Jig:

About the copyright on these recordings, I hereby put them in the public domain.