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Mellow Me Out, Fleet Foxes, and me

Mellow Me Out on Fleet Foxes & Ghost Solos:

really, Fleet Foxes is actually quite nice —sometimes unbearably folky for my tastes, yet of impressive musical quality. More than anything else, its the harmonies that get me. Never have harmonies affected me as they have here. The beautiful jam sessions that occur nightly on my floor have turned into piss-poor, attempted three-part harmony failures because of this. Damn you, Fleet Foxes.

Also, if you happen to be the type partial to all this folky-ness, or have stumbled on this site while trying to find a mediafire of this album, or both, be sure to also check out Lucas Gonzes Ghost Solos. The songs consist mostly of guitar, and have an antique-y, relaxing sound to them. They warm my heart.