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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home (MP3)

I came across sheet music for the Victorian cliche classic “Home Sweet Home” in the June 1st, 1898 edition of S. S. Stewart’s Banjo and Guitar Journal. It’s an arrangement for guitar and mandolin, and I have an American-made mandolin from 1900 and American-made guitar from 1890, so I took the chance to do a super accurate period recording. Also, I thought that it might be useful to people making videos to have a permissively licensed modern recording of this instantly recognizable number.

I found it in this publication:

The magazine had been in circulation for 14 years, but would only last a few issues more, because it carried sad news:

I didn’t know how to mourn the late founder, who I had just met and who had just died, 114 years before:

If you want to play it yourself, the guitar part is at and the mandolin part is at

The version I’m hosting above is MP3. If you prefer WAV, it’s on Freesound. You might also find the Soundcloud version useful.

In hope that my recording will be useful to other people, I have put it under a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons License
Home Sweet Home by Lucas Gonze is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Antique machine music by Plinth

I love this calm thoughtful ultra-retro neo-victorian music by Michael Tanner.

All music within is sourced and reconstructed from the creaking,
winding, piping, chiming and wood-knocking of several Victorian
parlour music machines, wax cylinder recordings, a French carillon and a seafront calliope.

They make me think of the Musee Mechanique in San Francisco.

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