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sheet music for Jenny Lind Polka

I transposed the sheet music for an old tune called Jenny Lind Polka so that I could easily jam on this song with players of various different instruments.

This song was popularized in 1846 by a dance instructor named Allen Dodworth, who is also responsible for inventing a way to waltz in 5/4. Here’s that 1852 original in the Library of Congress. I recorded a composition for dancing his waltz, a pice called “Dodworth’s Five Step”, on three occasions, including once in my Ghost Solos EP. I learned Jenny Lind Polka from a relatively modern transcription in “The Fiddler’s Fake Book.”

In case my transpositions are useful to others, here is my sheet music:

Jenny Lind Polka (pdf)

That’s a single multi-page PDF with a different key on each page. It has the following parts:

Key instruments
G Concert pitch: fiddle, mandolin, guitar, etc.
D F: french horn
A Bb: trumpet, clarinet, tenor sax, soprano sax
E Eb: baritone sax, alto sax
tab tablature for guitar players who don’t read notation

For people who work with digital instruments, here’s MIDI:

Jenny Lind Polka (MIDI)

For people who might want to edit the original Sibelius source file, here’s that:

Jenny Lind Polka (Sibelius)

Here’s a version I found on YouTube that’s not exactly the same but close enough: