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Lucy and Ollie

gurdonark ran across the true history of a pair of star crossed lovers from the olden days. He seems to have gotten hooked on their life stories and cyber stalked them, digging up any details he can find on the internet. It’s a sad tale of an ordinary breakup between two ordinary people, a long time ago.

“Strike the chords of Life’s great autoharp whenever you may, and there comes forth the wails of misery and woe commingling with those of laughter and song”
[letter of Lucy Roberson to Ollie Roberson, from the Nevada Supreme Court case of Roberson v. Roberson, 41 Nev. 276, 169 P. 333(1917)]

I can’t tell you the parts of their relationship which involved roses and love poems and promises in the dark. I can tell you they were minors when they married. I can tell you that their relations crossed the expected boundaries of intimacy, such that Lucy bore at least one child. I can also tell you that the marriage did not work.

The couple talked it over, and decided to go their separate ways. Ollie moved from the piedmont of North Carolina to Reno, Nevada. Lucy moved in with her people, along with the couple’s child.

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