2 thoughts on “Rolling stops on a bicycle allow for efficient riding

  1. Spencer

    Hi Lucas,

    Thanks for posting this! I hope you like how your music worked in the video. It was a total life-saver: I had the visuals and narration done, I needed music, so I googled, “creative commons” and “acoustic guitar.” The Shoo Fly Galop fit like magic, matching the beats in some places amazingly well. It really made the video, IMO.

    I’ve never used Creative Commons work before, and I wasn’t sure if I did the attribution correctly. I might still do future revs, so let me know if you’d like me to do anything differently.



  2. Lucas Gonze Post author

    Spencer, thanks for the note. I appreciate it.

    Hearing how you did the lookup to find the music is handy. There’s an unsolved issue of how creative commons musicians can help people take advantage of the license grant, given that existing discovery tools like the iTunes Music Store don’t do it. Hm. so. Hm. Google friendliness… OF COURSE!!! Heh.

    Any time you need more:


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